Creativity & Multicultural Communication

List of Channels

[Google Group] : Creativity and Multicultural Communication ( By Carol Yeager )

[Linkedin Group]: Creativity and Multicultural Communication (By Carol Yeager )

[Linkedin Group]: CMC11 Global Communication ( By Retsam Zhang and Silvia Purpuri )

[Ning Site]: Creative Play in Education ( By inkazar )
Description: A topical "channel" for the 2011 Creativity and Multicultural Communication MOOC. (see ) But it is also open to interested folks in the general public.
I used Ning because (1) it's so darned easy to set up, (2) if I upgrade the account people can form their own special-interest groups within the site ... we'll see if there's enough content for that, and (3) much prettier than Google Groups or LInked in :-D

[Weibo]: MOOC小组 ( By  Kevin )
Description: welcome to join us and communicate  with learners from China.

[Skype Group]: Spiritual Education For Spiritual Beings (By RetSam Zhang)
Description: We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Without spiritual knowledge we can never take our education system to a high level.