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October 4, 2011


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Post Title: Cloudy today, very cloudy #cmc11 MOOC
By Chrissi Nerantzi, Feed Name: Chrissi Nerantzi
[Read More] Tue, 04 Oct 2011 19:29:38 +0000 [Comment]
Post Title: There’s this elephant I know…
By ariholub, Feed Name: Uptown Massive
Preview: This is Herman. Herman resides just outside the bars of a currently closed park on Cabrini Blvd in Washington Heights, NYC. Herman is a good friend and companion, and is sage-like, in that you must venture to see him if you wish to talk.  Come visit Herman, and tell him your deepest, darkest secrets.  He’ll [...]
[Read More] Tue, 04 Oct 2011 15:18:37 +0000 [Comment]

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Title: Connectivism
Preview: The author states at the end of his article: I want to influence those people who don't have the privilege and access that I, and many of my peers, have. But, in declaring that "I want to help or influence", I find that unpalatable sense of over-reaching and attempting to inject ideas into areas and regions that should be developing and exporting *their* ideas, not simply importing those .......
By DANI () on October 4, 2011. [Reply]
Title: Creativity and ME
Preview: I began reading Multicultural Experience Enhances Creativity and got as far as the second page and my head was full of questions, thoughts and reactions. Creativity is defined as the process of bringing into being something that is both novel and useful. Is something that is creative alwasy useful? I think i would just define creativity as the process of bringing something into being. Sure there .......
By DANI () on October 4, 2011. [Reply]

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Title: Re: Is quiet necessary for creativity?
Preview: It depends on the person. Me personally, I like a little background noise with anything I do, whether it's music or the TV. If it's too quiet, then my mind will start becoming "noisy," making it hard for me to
By MaraDeFilippo (Maria) on October 4, 2011. [Reply]
Preview: Hi! my first tweet was "this is stoopid, i don't get it." that was in january 2007.  : ) I now consider twitter the most powerful professional development experience i have ever had in my life. ever. I would like to share a white paper i wrote about my experiences with twitter. and here is a presentation on the powerful uses of twitter
By alexandrapickett () on October 4, 2011. [Reply]
Preview: I will try to be
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on October 4, 2011. [Reply]

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: #cmc11 (2011-10-04T15:26:52Z)
: Check this video out -- Tweet2Teach and thx to Cris2B via @youtube #cmc11 (2011-10-02T23:29:26Z)
: Ready for Week 4: Engaging in critical thinking about transliteracy -- is it covered by information literacy? #cmc11 (2011-10-02T23:20:18Z)
: @couki1 Thx for London School of Economics Guide to Twitter #CMC11 Good advice to never tweet "when you're feeling ratty" (2011-10-02T23:04:48Z)
: #CMC11 What's more important than Charlie Sheen? (2011-10-03T04:45:47Z)
: @monk51295 See readings on culturally relevant diversity & creativity I'm doing #cmc11 plus #change11 for synthesis. (2011-10-03T01:37:43Z)
: #CMC11 Are top students getting short shrift? Good blend of voices and views. (2011-10-04T04:13:39Z)
: Check this video out -- George Siemens Open Online Courses: PLN Environments and Networks at CMC11 via @youtube (2011-10-03T13:11:34Z)
: Check this video out -- George Siemens Open Online Courses: PLN Environments and Networks at CMC11 via @youtube (2011-10-03T04:55:39Z)