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November 5, 2011


Preview: Today, 5 November 2011, Glen Gatin will be in Second Life between 12 Noon Second Life time (Pacific time) and 17:00 Second Life time.  Feel free to drop in and say hello, maybe even have a ride in his "touring chair". Ask him to bring out his dancing ball and take a few spins on the dance floor!  If you are not up to such excitement, that's OK too ... there is a comfy round table and .......
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on November 5, 2011.

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By cyeager, Feed Name: CMC11
Preview: As I was uploading my own SlideShare for my blog posting today, I found this one ...I think it is a thought provoking series of words and images. It may also be the feelings you are experiencing in this MOOC. What do you think? Chaos and
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Post Title: Some of My Reflections on the Learning Process
By cyeager, Feed Name: CMC11
Preview: Creativity and Creative Problem Solving are building blocks for sustaining lifelong learning and having fun in the process.As a lifelong learner, mentor and learning facilitator it has been important for me to grow within the global community and apply collaborative learning styles in many venues. I have been fortunate enough to work with people from different cultures, different geographic ....
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Post Title: The packging is the product.
By johngriffin0928, Feed Name: Forever Learning
Preview: I live about 12 miles from my job, so that means it takes me at least 45 minutes to get there in morning traffic and more than an hour to get home at night. To fill the time on the road, I almost always listen to a book on CD as a way of catching [...]
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Post Title: Cognitive Biases
By Karen1961, Feed Name: Karen1961
Preview: Having looked over the list on cognitive biases, I'm not sure if I actually can relate to 5 or 7 of the biases. I went over the list several times and I came up with two that I know that I have used. The Positivity Effect is when older adults remember relatively more positive than negative things, compared with younger adults. I know that I always try to focus on the positive, especially ....
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Title: The packging is the product.
Preview: Great share John. More often than not, life comes down to perception. There are no facts, just peoples interpretations of the facts. When I was in Australia recently, several australians tried to turn me onto spreading vegemite on my toast. Have you ever tried the stuff? To them, this is a wonderful breakfast treat, but to me its a wonderful way to ruin a nice piece of toast that really just .......
By AaronSternDrums (Aaron Stern) on November 5, 2011. [Reply]
Preview: Simply mahhhhvelous! This presentation is full of great information and is funny, too. Or, maybe I should say it is - CREATIVE.I used to pull up an image of Michaelangelo's Moment of Creation on my computer screen when I needed to come up with a creative idea. Many times I'd even touch my finger to the point where God was giving Adam the spark of life, hoping to cacth&.......
By BWheat () on November 5, 2011. [Reply]

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Preview: Thanks Carol, this is really inspiring. J-ted gives several examples of why chaos affects creativity and it goes along with what I think has been discussed by us all multiple times throughout the last few weeks and that is talking about finding zen amongst the craziness in our lives. Instead of becoming victims of life, we must look at these often tough pills to swallow as new opportunities and ....
By AaronSternDrums (Aaron Stern) on November 5, 2011. [Reply]
Preview: These past few weeks, have seen my creativity take a back seat. I do, however, like the concept of making an apple pie from scratch, and I've done so on several occasions. But, I have to say that inventing the universe first, would be a challenge, but not out of the realm of possibilities.  
By karen () on November 5, 2011. [Reply]

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: George Siemens Open Online Courses: PLN Environments and Networks at CMC11 (2011-11-05T12:39:36Z)
: @couki1 know now why I almost missed the last #cmc11 webinar... our clocks changed and yours didn't... need to remember that (2011-11-04T20:22:51Z)