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February 5, 2013


Preview: and credit seeking participants to set up blogs and post, twitter accounts and tweet, Diigo and add resources, start and/or reply to discussions ... start a Google + acount ... make your marks and let us know you are here.No more G+ Hangouts for now, unless you want to start your own. We are looking for your active engagement and will return to the Hangout option after the middle of February. .......
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on February 2, 2013.
Preview: Have those of you who are participating registrants registered your blog yet? Have you started any discussion topics, or responded to any?  How about Twitter?  Do you subscribe to any curation tools yet? Have you tried a Google + Hangout yet?  or started one of your own? Where are you?Please do not wait for instructions on what to do ... jump right in and doggie paddle until you find your way .......
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on February 1, 2013.

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Post Title: Personal Learning Networks
By VanessaVaile, Feed Name: MOOC Madness
Preview: Source: via Eric on Pinterest   PLN’s may not be joined at the hip for life to MOOCs (it may even be possible to partake of one without the other) …but feels like it at times. Here, Pinterest throws its cyber hat into the PLN ring. Personal Learning Networks (PLN’s) are a cost-effective means [...]
[Read More] Mon, 04 Feb 2013 21:56:58 +0000 [Comment]
Post Title: Two Poles of Survival: Internet and Ancient Knowledge
By wildmntnhoney, Feed Name: Can the Internet Produce Utopian Worlds?
Preview: We talk a lot about the speed of information acquisition and sharing; ethical and realistic aspects of information evaluation; information organization and archiving… and in 2013, these are essential conversations to have. I do worry, though. Have we forgotten too many things? We may archive and research native/ancient/aboriginal survival skills, but do we practice them? … Continue ....
[Read More] Tue, 05 Feb 2013 14:53:31 +0000 [Comment]
Post Title: Change and Survival of the Fastest
By cyeager, Feed Name: CMC11
Preview: Facebook, Twitter, cloud computing, LinkedIn, 4G wireless, ultra-high-speed bandwidth, big data, Skype, system-on-a-chip (SOC) circuits, iPhones, iPods, iPads and cellphone apps ... nine years ago these were not on the scope of most of our personal horizons. We looked to the future with hope for a better life, a better world after a terrorist attack on the US. The perpetrators were relative ....
[Read More] Wed, 30 Jan 2013 12:08:00 +0000 [Comment]

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Title: Tutorials and Advice for Participants
Preview: Greetings,As I have mentioned earlier, I am a participant (mostly lurker by now) in another cMOOC  (etmooc) and am gathering tips and spreading them around as best I can. I am also expanding my PLN as well as sharing and building on other participants learning.  It can be quite overwhelming and also quite rewarding.  Both are often food for creative approaches to new thinking!.......
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on February 2, 2013. [Reply]

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Title: Re: Metaliteracy
Preview: Almost time for the Santa Fe Institute you know what to start. Would it be wise to start a back-channel on the creative potential of mis-understanding complexity theory here? I'm already lost by the math in chapter two but with some place to think out loud it might become clear.
By scottHJ () on February 3, 2013. [Reply]
Title: Re: Tutorials and Advice for Participants
Preview: Just in case the link did not work ... here is the url to go to:
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on February 2, 2013. [Reply]

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: I'm finally getting a hang of it. #CMC11 (2013-02-05T01:56:25Z)
: @JaapSoft @Gordon_L #oMOOC = Occupy the MOOC...1 or many...s...splendid, starting immediately...retroactively @KateMfD @couki1 @stevemac121 #cmc11 (2013-02-03T16:17:41Z)
: Survival of the Fastest ... what do you think? #CMC11 (2013-02-01T12:24:59Z)
: @gretchenrose This still makes me laugh. #CMC11 #Memories (2013-02-01T03:44:13Z)