Course Outline

CMC 11

Week 1: Orientation

Week 2: Connectivism with Stephen Downes

Week 3: PLE with George Siemens

Week 4: Transliteracy and Metaliteracy: Emerging Literacy Frameworks for Social Media with Tom Mackey

Week 5:  Synthesizing and Refining Creativity with Alicia Arnold

Week 6: Upshifting Innovation with Russell Schoen

Week 7: Creativity and Innovation with CPS with Gregg Fraley

Week 8: Designing Online Immersive Environments for Higher Education with Glen Gatin

Week 9: Global Communication with Retsam Zhang and Silvia Purpuri

Week 10: Creative Communication with Jim Groom

Week 11: Creativity and TIM in education with Susan Keller-Mathers

Week 12: Global Project ~ HP Catalyst with Jim Vanides

Week 13:  Diversity and Inclusiveness with MHammoud


Weeks 14 and 15:  credit student presentations only