Week 11: TIM Education Model

Susan Keller-Mathers

Faculty Panel Discussion

Voices of TIM in Education Practice (starts @ 1 min 18 sec)

Slideshare of 21 November presentation


For those of you who design learning, whether in the corporate world, higher education, for children in the schools or as part of a natural leadership or parenting roles, meeting the needs of learners with different experiences, talents and knowledge/skill base can be difficult.  Layer on top of that the urgent need to teach problem solving, ingenuity and creativity to meet 21st century learning demands.  This session overviews one of the few models available to design learning to integrate a creativity concept or skill into whatever content you are delivering. The Torrance Incubation Model of Creative Teaching and Learning (TIM) provides a way to teach essential 21st century learning skills in concert with other content or topics, rather than as an “add on” or something else to do.  We’ll focus in this session on understanding why it’s an effective model, how it works and the flexible ways it can be used by teachers, trainers and anyone looking to improve their thinking or the thinking of those they influence.


Reading, Viewing and Listening Materials

Partnership for 21st Century Skills

Imagination, Innovation and Creativity

Are Kids Less Creative Today?

Creative Education, Learning, Technology and Change

Rhizomatic Learning








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