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Creativity and Multicultural Communication

By Betty Hurley-Dasgupta

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Betty Hurley-Dasgupta, Creativity and Multicultural Communication, August 25, 2011
Carol Yeager and I began our MOOC journey several months ago. We had both tried some earlier MOOCs. And, we are both very interested in the potential of open education.

I joined Empire State College many years ago because of a deep commitment to a learner-centered approach. That commitment has provided the foundation for how I engage with colleagues and students. And, it has brought me to this MOOC.

Carol has the expertise in Creativity from her Master's degree. Through my involvement in Process Education, I know that we can become better learners by being more conscious of our learning process and by acknowledging the affective aspect of learning. And, through many years working with students from around the world, we both know that creativity is enhanced from engaging with people of different cultures and viewpoints.

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