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This is the place I've created to reflect and share with my fellow MOOCers and the world.


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Blog Post: RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms  #CMC11 I have to...

RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms  #CMC11

I have to share this on this page. I liked the way Ken Robinson spoke of today's system of teaching and I can relate quite well to the concepts he spoke of.

Like for instance my educational experience in school was a confusing one. Some and actually very few of the subjects were taught in a modern way but many kept the traditional way where we had to memorize a whole book. History and Geography class was a nightmare, I used to pray for school to finish so I can rest my brain cells. While science on the other hand was taught in a more modern way. We were expected to do our own research freely and to present something unique as a project. So some of the courses at college I remember quite well while others I've pushed away from memory and don't want to even recall because of the way they were presented to us students.

When I finished school and started attending university, it was wonderful that the system at uni was more open to the student. There was this equality between student and teacher and they were both facilitators of the learning process. The teacher was no longer a dictator telling students what to do but rather a motivator. I found this system refreshing as it liberates us from the mindsets and the belief boxes we've been put in during our school days. I wish school were like that! 

And now taking the MOOC is even a better experience where I can explore the beliefs I had, unlearn and relearn new things and concepts. A plus to this is seeing others going through this process too in their own way and sharing the information.

By omar.abighosn, Feed:Taming the Wind, 2011-09-21T13:16:00Z [Comment]
Blog Post: Online life VS Offline -- Which is it for you? CMC11

I've been pondering about this question lately. Our world is going through a technological evolution but at the same time some of us are moving away from the traditional lifestyle. I actually feel both the new and the old lifestyles have their ups and downs. Like for instance the internet has connected me to a lot of interesting people. I've been able to do research quickly.

While with non digital experiences I've been able to ground myself more and to train my ability to focus more. This world is not completely digitized yet and there's plenty of things to do during the day like talking to work colleagues, hanging out with friends, sitting in nature etc...

In my opinion it's good that we have it all with us today! and we're moving on and soon both shall be one and it will be hard to tell the difference between the dream and the mundane. 

By omar.abighosn, Feed:Taming the Wind, 2011-09-23T23:11:59Z [Comment]
Blog Post: Beginning. #cmc11

Hello everyone!

I'm Omar, an artist by day and a street musician by night. I live in Lebanon. Am taking the MOOC course to have a new experience with new people to share the experiences with. 

I dedicate this blog to the ones who seek an online spark of inspiration. 

Whatever awaits ahead, may it be enlightening and I look forward to it! 

Enjoy :)


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