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Blog Post: Reflections of the MOOC (CMC11)
The most biggest and important of things that the MOOC has opened up my awareness to is the unlimited possibilities of technology. I learned about connectivisim or network learning which involves how we engage with others, how we interact with the world. It is about understanding why and how connections are formed. I learned about transliteracy and metaliteracy, which fancied my interest making me realize just how far behind I was with all the changes and innovations in the technological world.

In the January 2011 issue of College & Research Libraries, Thomas P. Mackey and Trudi E. Jacobson make the argument that metaliteracy is a framework that can unite the various competencies and literacies (visual (2), digital (3), information (4), that we would like our students to have in order to be informed and engaged citizens. takes the critical thinking and analysis components of media, visual, and information literacies and combines them with the technological components of digital literacy. (Metaliteracy By Stephanie Debner, Librarian Faculty)

The MOOC has provided me with a road map of sharing information, ideas, or just simple everyday occurrences. The MOOC has empowered me, inspiring me with ideas of global communication. The MOOC has allowed me to "step out of my box." It has dared me to try new things in turn opening up a whole new world to me. Blogging is not a self-centered page dedicated to my thoughts. Blogging can empower me to share a world of knowledge with others and in turn learn through engaging with others and receiving their responses and positions on things further enlightening me.

It is evident through the MOOC that changes are occurring rapidly and that in order for us to stay current we must adapt to the technologies. The MOOC has also shown how to stay connected. Technology can be used for social networks and hours lost in wasteful activities but through the MOOC I have learned how to better use social networks, blogging, MOOC courses, etc. The biggest thing I am looking forward to taking with me from this course is applying everything that enlightened me and applying to my life and interests. Connecting with others around the world and sharing my ideas, learning of theirs and learning from each other.

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Blog Post: 10 Resources Derived for the MOOC (CMC11)

Transliteracy and Metaliteracy's-head-explodes/
Synthesizing and Refining CreativityReading through some of the information provided on this book has inspired me to purchase it. Thought it would be nice to share.
Upshifting InnovationI found this company to be interesting in provide creative innovative solutions for business and persons in need.
Creative Problem Solving and Creative Thinking
Online Immersive Environments for Higher Education
Global CommunicationIn watching this video I was reminded of the MOOC and creativity. I thought it was amazing and well composed. It's creative, innovative, and communicative. It's art, inspirational, and calming.

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Blog Post: The MOOC & Me (CMC11)
So I prepared my presentation trying to reflect everything the MOOC was for me, crazy, out of order, all over the place, pertaining to me, communicating with others and so forth. I recorded my presentation in imovie, my first, among many other first experiences the MOOC provided for me. I was really nervous, almost as nervous as when i decided to take this course and when i started it. When I had finished composing my presentation, I was very pleased with it. I shared me, my passions, my loves, my interest, and reflected on how I could integrate them into the MOOC. I loved learning from others and sharing their experiences and what they had to offer.

Of course I learned so much from the weekly lessons and took a lot with me but for me the experience was more of the interaction and the communication with others. Most importantly I learned more through how the MOOC related to me, my life, my experiences and how I could relate to it all.

I am disappointed that I did not get to communicate more with fellow MOOC participants. I would really like to engage more with them and converse. I would have liked to have had more google hangouts and meet more of my fellow MOOC participants. It would be great to keep in contact with the participants and continue learning and sharing.

The MOOC has definitely inspired me. It has me writing poetry again, involved more with my yoga practice, motivated me to draw and take photographs. It has reawaken me, enlightened me and challenged me to do more.

The MOOC was everything Carol said it would be. A just dive in and get feet wet experience. I now have a thirst for the MOOC and the endless possibilities it has to offer.

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Blog Post: ds106 radio (CMC11)
I think the ds106 radio is a great way for people to interact more. It allows more opportunities for people to voice themselves and share their thoughts and opinions among other things. Options available these days to communicate with one another offer great experiences but it is all about how we make use of them. Through this MOOC I have seen how hard and challenging it can be to get coordinated with other member's of the group and participate in video chats and so forth. It appears that these forms are used more so for social interaction amongst friends. I feel that these forms of communication empower us and the possibility are endless. There is so much to be learned and shared. I am looking forward to more experiences with MOOC's in addition to communication through video chats and so forth. I would definitely like to communicate with people around the world and share ideas, learn new things and be exposed to as much as possible.

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Blog Post: Global Communication (CMC11)
So I signed in on Wednesday for Thursday live session and despite my efforts not to forget the session on Thursday I did. Talk about barriers in global communication, I may be my own worse enemy.

Reflecting on what I read for this week I have chosen to focus on global barriers. Language, I would say is a huge barrier. Another barrier, as stated earlier, can be ourselves. So how to we work through bridging the gap on these barriers?


With all the technological advances can we not strive for a translating application that can translate what we are saying, if such an app does not already exist?


I find that the hours of the live sessions or google groups are not the most convenient for me. Aside from that, there really isn't a quite place for me, to be able to participate in a live session or group without the clatter behind me. Many times as easy as it could be for some to participate in these live sessions or chats, there is an inability to commit for whatever reason. Almost everyone starts off a new venture full spirited and energetic, yet as time passes, there is less participation and a lack of commitment. Is there a way to bridge this gap? Not really. We cannot force people to participate. Therefore, even though we can motivate people to become more involved or stay as involved, there will always be a barrier. I do not feel that it is ultimately for the worse. I think we can make every effort ourselves to stay active and accept the results and do as much as we can for it. I do not feel that the objective of this MOOC or global communication is perfection and 100% participation. I feel that the goal is more focused on striving for the best results. Work with what you got and learn from past experiences to have more successful future experiences. The key is to never lose site of the target and stay focused only on doing the best you can.

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Blog Post: CPS/ Creativity, Innovation and Risk (CMC11)
In reflecting upon creativity, innovation and reading up on Steve Jobs, I think of a person who I admire for his creativity and innovation who inspires me, Tim Burton. As I reflect on his work I ask myself, "Do I dare to dream? Can I allow myself to be as creative and innovative as I can be. Tim Burton to me is a master mind creating out-of-the-box worlds that fascinate me. Often I have said to myself there is no possible way I could ever dream such things up ans as long as I think that way and believe that, I'm right because of the limitations I have placed on myself. I have realized that through this course.

So what am I going to do? I am going to change that. As soon as time allows it i am going to nurture the creative/innovative me. I will keep a dream journal, a daily journal. I will allow myself to loose myself in my thoughts, delusions, and dreams and reflect on them. I will reconnect with my true self. I will take time to nurture my inspiration by taking time for me. I will awaken the child in me that has been in hibernation due to the consumption of my routine life; jobs, school and other responsibilities. I will pick up a good book and indulge myself. I will pick up my sketch book and draw. I will reignite my love of poetry and begin writing it again. Most importantly i will make more time to be around true innovators and creators, my children. I will dream, play, and laugh with them leaving behind the oppressions of the world that are stagnating the creative and innovative me.

Creativity/Innovation are not just going to come and bop me over the head and say, "Hey I am here." If I truly want it i must go after it. I have an insight to my creativeness and innovation and how to nurture it, embrace it, and develop it further. All I have to do is take that one step forward and make an effort to create or innovate.

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Blog Post: Week 8: Activitie; Creative and our cognitive biases (CMC11)
We are often stymied by the inability to come up with new thinking, new ways of approaching problems, despite what we have learned.

What may be affecting my decision making:

For as far as can think back my insecurities played a key part in stagnating me. I can remember my school days, I was very studious and almost always knew the right answers. So what kept me from raising my hand? What made me second guess myself? My insecurities. I was very reserved and to myself. I did not want to be the focus and i most definitely did not want to be wrong. i always second guessed myself.

As I reflect on myself now and what affects my decision making I still second guess myself. In attempting to make decisions my head just gets bombarded with millions of thoughts. My responsibilities, obligations. How will this decision affect me? My family? What are the positive outcomes? Negative? Am I willing to take that chance? What if I don't take the chance? Ultimately what obstructs my decision making is my fear of the unknown. Here again, the comfort of my routine life come into play.

Here are the decision-making and behavioral biases the I felt I am guilty of:
Attention Bias
Confirmation bias
Focusing bias
Framing effect
Impact bias
Information bias
Negativity bias
Outcome Bias
Post-purchase rationalization
Restraint bias
Selective perception
Wishful thinking

Now that I have pinpointed some of my biases I have taken the first step towards to working on these bias. It is not so cut and dry as stating, "I have pinpointed the problem here is the solution." Once a behavior has become a custom it's not a simple process to undo. It will take time, lots of time, determination, and effort, lots of working on. Since the behavior has become so natural it is second nature and sometimes hard to recognize.

Although some biases may hold us back I do not feel biases are necessarily negative. I think that there is a need to consider options, choices, decisions and impacts that these decisions will have in our lives. I think its more so a problem when it ultimately hinders our ability to make decisions.

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Blog Post: Upshifting Innovation - CMC11
For this week I focused on iMentor Steve Jobs and Innovation 101. What stood out to me was;

1. Be true to yourself
2. Don't try and measure up to the standards of others.
3. We are all capable innovators.
4. Personal experience and exposure enables.

Ultimately what prevents us from being creative or innovative is ourselves. It may be a lack of confidence, fear or some other factor but we are ultimately responsible for the limitations that we allow on ourselves. We limit the possibilities. We stay confined to the comfort zones that we have set-up for ourselves. We tell ourselves that we cannot do it or it cannot be done. No one wants to be singled out as crazy or weird, laughed at or ridiculed. What can we do? Be true to ourselves. Listen to what's in your heart. Follow what's in your heart without attaching anything else. Even if we dare to dream alone take the first step. Dare to trust in your ideas, even for just the sake of it. In the privacy of your own home, where no one will know. Let your creativity or innovation come to life. Even if you do not pursue it any further than just your thoughts on it. Remember what you are capable of.

"It's only impossible if you believe it to be." (Alice in Wonderland)

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