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How To Save College cmc11

By nascar60

In the article How To Save College by Clay Shirky, I agree a college education is to expensive. One problem is that they bring a young person into their office, have them sign a binch of paper, and they are on their way to debt. I know of a person who spent 50,000 on a education and couldn't find a job but still has to pay all the money back. It seems to me its all about the money. I am a business owner studying for a human resource degree, I have done human resource all my life being in business, but to get a job, i need to spend thousands of dollars for a piece of paper sayig what I have done all my life. Also, you have to take classes that do not pertain to your field of study, why, so the college can make more money off you. Sorry for the bad attitude but why in other countries the cost of a college education so much cheaper than the United States?
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