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Blackboard Collaborate Introduction

By retsam (RetSam Zhang) on , September 15, 2011.

What is it?

Blackboard Collaborate is the next generation of Wimba Live Classroom.

BB Collab Scfreen

What does it do?

Blackboard Collaborate like Wimba Live
Classroom allows you to teach and meet live online with such features as
audio and video, application sharing,
public and private chat, breakout discussion rooms, electronic
whiteboard, polling,
quizzes, and archives for later review.
Live Classroom is fully integrated with GeorgiaView Vista.

System Requirements




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Re: Blackboard Collaborate Introduction
very very cool, thanks!
By inkazar (ilyse na'omi kazar) on September 15, 2011. [Reply]

Re: Blackboard Collaborate Introduction
Is the recording posted yet?  I can't find it on the recordings page.
By wayupnorth (Jim Stauffer) on September 16, 2011. [Reply]

Re: Blackboard Collaborate Introduction
I am still waiting for the url of the recording of Thursday's session to be released by Elluminate/Blackboard Collaboration/LearnCentral.  If it has to go through all the channels I listed ...
I will post as soon as it is available.
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on September 17, 2011. [Reply]

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