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Finding the RSS address on Chrome

By Nancy W () on , September 28, 2011.

I cannot figure out where to find the RSS address on Google Chrome. Help please.

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Re: Finding the RSS address on Chrome
Hello Nancy,
Chrome is a customizable browser and many of the functions you are used to seeing automatically are now optional.  Go to Window, then Extensions and you will find a list of many features you can install.  One of these is the RSS reader feed.  It is a free installation and takes only a few seconds.  After installation, you will see it in the address bar (usual place) ONLY when the url in the address bar offers the RSS feed feature.  Hope this helps you make your browser more efficient and fun ... there are many customizable features in Chroms, so have fun checking them out!

By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on September 29, 2011. [Reply]

Re: Finding the RSS address on Chrome
Nifty neato plus ~ & thanks for the reminder. I haven't been checking out Chrome extension features lately.
By VanessaVaile () on September 29, 2011. [Reply]

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