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Google + Hangout ?

By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on , October 1, 2012.

Who knows what this might be, and who has a G + account? I will start one and will invite those who can join in. You just need to have a computer with audio, and video capability. Who's coming?

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Re: Google + Hangout ?
I have a google account? What is a google + account or is there instructions somewhere on this already? Either way I will be planning on attending tomorrow night at 7!
By xrichele (richele young) on October 2, 2012. [Reply]

Re: Google + Hangout ?
Just look for me on Google + having the Hangout ... it will be posted under my name.  I will also try to send invites to ESC participants ... see you tomorrow!
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on October 2, 2012. [Reply]

Re: Google + Hangout ?
Well, the first Google + Hangout for Fall was a smashing success!  for two of us.  We hope to see more of you in the next one, scheduled for 19 October ... time to be determined by responses from hopeful participants.
I am thinking that 19:30, New York time, might be a good time to bridge dinner and bedtime preps needed for youngsters.  What are your thoughts?

Attending becomes an easier event if you obtain your own gmail account ... I had anticipated that folks would research what would be needed and some of you did exactly that.  Thanks, and you will now find it much easier to "discover" the hangout when it starts.  Also, while it is helpful to have a video cam ... either one already built into your computer (as in many newer ones and most all Apple computers since 2005) or one you have attached to your computer, you can still participate through the chat feature that I always upload in the Hangout.

Looking forward to meeting with as many as possible on 19 October ... open to all CMC11 folks ... participants and lurkers ...
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on October 6, 2012. [Reply]

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