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Enemies of Creativity

By scottHJ () on link by cyeager, Enemies of Creativity, October 6, 2012.

Guess sometime just doing it works out though the slogan suggests a level of mindlessness in practice that would hardly pay off in anything useful. Applied to the purchase of expensive shoes we might want a more complete theory of action that runs like "just pay for the shoes first and THEN do it to your foolish heart's content."

Great article on the enemy of creativity. I'm not sure creativity is always something someone can initiate by a deliberate act of doing it. To me creativity is more of a response mechanism that allows things to happen at least partly on their own. This sounds passive but really it's an active trust in things to somehow not go to hell on you while you wait for, or stand back from the urge to control or engage.

An example: used to do a lot of painting and no matter how calculating I was the subject would always run off the edge of the easel. At first I'd paint over but it never helped. As an artist it seemed I was powerless to create something with intention and planning. How could I claim creation when what I did seemed to have its own ideas of how it would turn out?

What if creativity is less deliberate than we presume? Less about us as creators and more about how things in our care emerge?

Anyway, liked the article though I'd like to know how "creativity" is defined in an institution?

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