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Stay a ?

By xrichele (richele young) on , November 6, 2012.

I just watched the video on the difference between being knowledgeable and knowledge-able. Before even watching it I considered myself knowledge-able even though I didn't even know the definition yet. I didn't consider myself knowledgeable right away because I don't really think about that word when I think of describing myself, even though I do know a lot of things about... certain things. Anyway, toward the end of the video the presenter implied there should be a balance found between these two types. I loved that he said "students enter school as a ? and leave as a . and we should focus more on the ?" I think that is what the MOOC and similar open learning environments are doing. Giving people the materials necessary to learn about certain topics but leaving the knowledge or information they gain from it up to the learner is a very new but important change in learning that I think anyone could benefit from. I would definitely like to remain a ? and continue learning and learning in whatever environment possible. I was thinking of ways this could apply in high school where the concept of the end date in learning is graduation day and that should change. I think by focusing more on the discussion and activities in a text book it would open up a student to learning early on the benefits of connecting with other students and their ideas. What does everyone else think?

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Re: Stay a ?
Since I just finished the longest single project of my life...the writing of a comprehensive textbook for Pearson Publishing, I have some thoughts on textbooks...they are primarily background materials.  The author should provide you with some exercises and lots of examples, but your instructor should provide you with some that are focused on your course or better yet s/he should ask you to quickly skim your text (including any assignments it may provide).  Develop some questions you want to answer and a proposed path you want to take.   The professor should hear you out, make suggestions, help you clarify your questions and be there as you go along providing feedback etc.    Alternatively, you should work with a small group doing the same kinds of question and answering generating...the textbook should always be there as a kind of touch point and reminder of where others in the field have been, but the new part of the learning journey belongs to you.  I hope this makes sense...if not tell me and I will try to clarify.   All the best, I think you are onto something.  Joyce McKnight. ESC associate professor...taking this MOOC just for fun.
By Joyce McKnight () on November 9, 2012. [Reply]

Re: Stay a ?
No, I definitely agree with your post... and feel sympathy for the amount of time you had to spend writing a textbook. When I was in elementary / high school, the text books I had were already dated and they actually didn't include many, if any, group activities or chances for discussion, especially in the history and math departments.

I am finding now and for the most part since I have been in college, almost every textbook I own allows for a chance to connect with other people about ideas on the subject via activities at the end of each section, or links to relevant websites, or even graphics to talk about. I'm hoping they are also incorporating that more into elementary learning too. I just remember my books were so old and boring, the only good thing was I was a was good note taker... so copy notes = remember notes for test = good test grades = all my teachers seemed to be concerned with.
By xrichele (richele young) on November 29, 2012. [Reply]

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