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My Sincere Apology

By educatingtap () on , December 19, 2012.

When I began this course I started a Twitter account as was recommended. I quickly began receiving 150-200 spam emails daily, my email account locked up, and I was upset. I totally blamed Twitter. Last week I have a friend who started experiencing the same thing I went through, but they do not have Twitter. So, I went back on Twitter and have been hooked every since. I am loving it. I have subscribed to National Geographic and Smithsonian, as well as an American History one and a writers one. I can quickly look through them to get quick tidbits of information and if I want I can open them and learn lots of interesting things. My major is science writing and will be looking for a technical writing job, so Twitter will be an awesome resource for me. I am so excited about it. My sincerely apology for blaming such a good source for causing such harm.

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