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Diigo: bookmarking & much more

By VanessaVaile () on , March 2, 2013.

There are so many ways to harvest, save, share, archive, organize links,etc ~ aka bookmarking. I've been using Diigo increasingly with MOOCs, although not exclusively. In particular, I particularly appreciate the feature for highlighting and annotating actual pages. I have even used it for entire books at the Gutenberg Project.

Using comment feature as forum to discuss shared works is another feature that goes under-used. It seems worth trying as a text-specific discussion option. Subscribing to rss feed for open collections and topics is another

I started online social bookmarking with Delicious and have Vance Stevens' Multiliteracies to thank for tagging awareness and skills. Yes, I tagged before but haphazardly, not always consistently. I still have bookmarks on Delicious, some automatically saved from links shared on social media sites. Bitly., my usual link shortener, saves not just links shared using but as copies of links otherwise shared but shortened with For now, I'm putting off sorting or even looking through the archive, but may try out the bundling feature when (if) I ever do.

Although I am recommend Diigo, I am still keeping and adding to Delicious. I find they complement one another (even if I do occasionally lose track of where I stashed a link), which might not be the case for all users. Personal learning / knowledge management systems or networks are just that ~ personal.

Vanessa (who perhaps should have made this a blog post and still might)

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Re: Diigo: bookmarking & much more
Ahhh, guilty as charged!  I have not been using the annotation feature of recent bookmarking.  I do try to use descriptive tags as best I can ... and yet, I am not using Diigo to its best advantage. One sidenote for thse who see no point to twitter usage ... I often find great resources and do not have the time to focus on reading them, I send the tweet to myself and then, bookmark to Diigo.Perhaps I am miossing a more direct method for doing this?

Yes, Diigo rocks as a bookmark repository.  Best of all, it is a cloud and does not take up space in either my brain or my hard drive!

Thank you for the highlighting, Vanessa. 

Rejoinders anyone?

By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on March 2, 2013. [Reply]

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