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This isn't summer camp

By scottHJ () on link by VanessaVaile, This isn’t summer camp, March 3, 2013.

If the majority of online content creation is done by people likely unfamiliar with any learning theory (as happens where I work) then the working formula is bound to be: more flash = deeper learning. It would be very nice if this turned out to be true for those who support media as key to the learner's brain but really it doesn't have to be true as long as people believe it (and others make large amounts of money promoting it).

We have courses that have cost a fortune in production server space that are virtually useless. One, ironically titled "Digital Literacy" can only be used on campus. It uses so much bandwidth that students must reserve time on our fastest library computers and anything beyond 5 students simultaneously logged on noticeably effects all computers on campus as the whole system slows down. Beyond 10 students logged on and our servers crash and the local river runs backwards.

As many of our students live on reserves, in small scattered settlements, in work camps and isolated ranches, they MUST access our courses online and simply can't get this course (and many others). Pointing this out usually returns the academic reply that "if these students were really serious about education, they'd come into the campus." Alternately, were we really serious about teaching, we wouldn't make things that are inaccessible to the majority of our students.

Can anyone in the course tell us which principal of poor design fits this model?

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