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Digging Diigo ...

By VanessaVaile () on link by cyeager, Digging Diigo ... , March 6, 2013.

Using Diggo to comment on bookmarked articles could model how to start and engage a discussion with this social comment bookmarking feature. The next (not imo 'instead of') step would be to connect that discussion to others. For example, by adding to an existing discussion thread, posting a notice/invitation (+ link) to a CMC11 group about the discussion ~ or both.

The comment feature in Diggo bookmarks should be able generate discussion, ever serve as a location for content or reading specific (focused) discussions. That said, other courses have tried it and it has not happened. I suspect it may take cultivation, more focused tending ~ feeding and watering ~ to take root and thrive.

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Re: Digging Diigo ...
We can't really dig Diggo or other discussion unless we connect conversations here, on Diigo and elsewhere without sharing links. The connectivist mode calls for redundancy in sharing. Discussion on Facebook stays in Facebook. Fight Club rules are not connectivist: neither is the Facebook universal walled garden mission

There are also complications to using Discussion for commenting on course participants' public blogs: the comments do not appear on the blogs, just here ~ unless commenters post manually in both locations. That is not open.

Also a closed group:

Diigo update notices go to the email account you registered from. Comments go to that email address too but not in the same Diigo thread. Commenting from email notice is problematic. Context is lost because the does not contain the complete thread. Effective commenting requires going to the Diigo site. Another site, on yet another page. No wonder discussion flounders.

A rhizomatic image of digging for roots and making sure they are connected. We cannot call a learning environment rhizomatic unless they are.

By VanessaVaile () on March 11, 2013. [Reply]

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