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Liu Bolin ...

By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on , May 16, 2013.

please post your thoughts, music, sounds, pictures, voice recordings ... whatever you wish as a contribution to the creative community of connection and exchange ...

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connection and exchange
I am not sure quite sure what Liu Bolin has to do with posting "thoughts, music, sounds, pictures, voice recordings ... whatever you wish as a contribution to the creative community of connection and exchange." I'm "spring cleaning" the Reader a little at a time to get ready for the coming migration. That puts me smack dab in an information management frame of mind, so I might as well ramble along about it here...but save it elsewhere too. That's an internet advantage over filing IRL: things can be in more than one place at once. That can help find it again later.

A touch of redundancy would make sense here, e.g. posting the notice here and on Facebook. I build in my own but still miss items.

As an afterthought ~ and having used (or tried to use) this feature since PLENK2010 ~ it is the part of the gRSShopper model that works the least well.

If Stephen could figure out how to code posting to discussion pages and (when appropriate) the specific blog being commented ~ that would be a winner. As it is now, commenting on blogs here means *not* posting on (pulic = open) personal blogs. Syndicating via gRSShopper to post even to an open Facebook group is not an option at this time BUT syndicating on NetWorked Blogs to post to the open group. Any public feed could probably be registered and syndicated this way.

Although I have been posting to MOOC Madness, I have not been tagging CMC11 lately. Tagging is not immediate option on reblogging from one WP blog to another. It is with the Press This bookmarklet, which takes more time and clicks to use although not as much as editing a post ~ too many blogs and not enough time for either. For posts to show up on twitter tagged #cmc11 means adding the tag to the subject line or first sentence. One problem with that (besides forgetting...) is the character limit. #cmc11 is only one among many tags.

That puts me to thinking of other ways. A small course could create its own (maybe get around the 25 limit by grouping (taxonomy and filing again) blogs into feed bundles... but more on that later, now it's back to email, blogging backlog (of which MOOC blogging is just a very small part) and feed reader Spring cleaning.

Until then: what I've been up to (more or less) online (minus Facebook except as updates to public pages show up on Twitter) even if not tagged,, shortened to
By VanessaVaile () on May 16, 2013. [Reply]

Re: Liu Bolin ...

This Is my first CMC11 post. Although I am still scrambling to find my footing for Creative and Multicultural Communication credit, I was compelled to comment on Liu Bolin and his work. I have previously studied photos of his work purely from a visually-artistic perspective. To learn that his work is politically and socially motivated heightened my interest. Expressing his concern over injustices may encourage the people to stand up for themselves in spite of the governing. Even if one can not agree with his intent, the finished product could be appreciated by everyone.  

I disagree with one blogger who expressed his distaste over Lui Bolins method of protest, concerned that pointing out flaws of China would influence peoples perception of the country he loves. People are already aware of the injustices of their own country, so to gain information of cultural differences is not grounds for prejudice.


By Bonnie () on May 19, 2013. [Reply]

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