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Power of the Imaginative Mind

By coharrison11 () on , June 2, 2013.

I agree with Sir Ken Robinson that creativity can be stifled in a child or an adult by criticizing baby steps in that direction or by more overtly forbidding it. I think, however, that the problem is broader than the educational system. I think that most Western Cultures reward linear thinking/performance and either criticize or look indulgently (at best) on more free form non-linear thinking. I think that educational systems are a reflection of the underlying cultures and not as much the other way around. True, though, if you make a change in the thinking in the educational system, you can influence culture in the future by transforming the youth that will define that future. I think that what he is talking about is taking the educational systems from reactive/reflective organizations and turning them into transformative organizations. I understand that he is talking to school superintendents and I can just imagine what was going on in their heads, though. If you've ever sat through a PTA meeting you generally see a large number of very unenlightened, distrustful parents (some teachers as well, to be fair - and there are some that are more open minded on both sides but I think they are the minority). I can only imagine that the Superintendents were thinking "Even if I do agree with this, how the heck am I going to get funding for this pushed through..." It's really a chicken/egg problem and we each have a small part to play in getting to the solution - parents being more open minded, teachers being less defensive of the old ways and business speaking up about what they need from our graduating youth.

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