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On Playing

By yldorfman () on link by Mike, On Playing, June 7, 2013.

I think you make some very good points and that things that we like to do need to be incorporated in the course or classroom experience. It is strange that individuals  choose the course topic in university and then not wish to attend but, for the most part I think that is the reality of the current situation. I believe and as you expressed that it is how something is presented that sets the tone for positive response and desire and the system of education should be enhanced.

    I myself am not enjoying this way of learning. I think that if I were given clear cut instructions I would excel. I find the mooc learning overwhelming and because of this I am not gaining as much as I would like to. The digital aspect of a mooc is too much for me technologically and I assume others may  have the same issue.  

 I wonder if everything is digitized will it be overkill? I propose that things be altered and included in moderation. And, I also wonder if everything is digitized will we loose the beauty of penmanship and letter writing etc. I happen to know that in my friends daughter's school they have eliminated script writing from the syllabus. Will this be lost?


And further more and possibly most importantly, I think doing something you don't always enjoy molds stronger people. This is not to say that education should be dull and miserable and quite the contrary it should be enjoyable. But, if it's all a game then how do children learn endurance and how to cope? I ask this question with understanding that learning through play teaches one how to cope. But, still in the elementary years and older I know from personal experience that  when I achieved the completion of something difficult I felt success. This taught me perseverance.  

These are just some questions that are running through my head. They haven't been completely developed and in fact, as I read them more I find that there is much more to write on the topic and much  that could possibly answer my questions. I'll save it for another post.

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