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Creative Problem Solving Presentation

By scottHJ () on link by Cecc1, Creative Problem Solving Presentation, August 31, 2013.

Hi Colleen,

Liked the presentation and the idea of problem solving in an open environment. One of the online courses we were building last year had collaborative problem solving as part of the lessons but the instructors and the apprenticeship certification board wouldn't allow the use of that course component because it was "cheating" to do diagnostics in groups. Something about the students wouldn't learn the topic if they worked together:-(

These students work long shifts in small crew settings on extremely expensive oil exploration equipment in very remote locations. The very first thing they do on arriving on-location is to establish a network of contacts among those working remote and those at the home office engineering office. No question that the companies will risk big bucks on the chance that everyone they hire is a diagnostic genius and can fix any problem. It just makes sense but even after we showed a video on how Caterpillar tractor networks every employee together to solve problems the apprentice boards said "no" to collaboration.

I suspect the apprentice board's reasoning here is to maintain the value of the working person by making them individually knowledgeable but the complexity of the world has moved beyond the lone expert. Problem solving, diagnostics, creativity and collaboration frighten educators too. Wonder why?

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