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Why is creativity important?

By Bonnie () on link by smaxy, Why is creativity important?, September 11, 2013.

Smaxy is a step ahead of most people, even those who have been in the work force for twenty, thirty, or more years. Knowing that learning stimulates creativity and visa-versa adds interest to a lifetime of learning. When I was in school thirty years ago I wish I would have realized that academics is more than simply trying to retain specific knowledge.

When I returned to school four years ago for a bachelor degree, after struggling through the first semester I noticed my thought process improve. The more classes I took, even decision making became easier. And yes, my creativity has meandered down a path I had never thought possible.


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Re: Why is creativity important?


Thank you Bonnie for taking the time out to read the
blog. Thank you for your support as well. You are absolutely right when you
say  "academics is more than simply trying to retain specific
knowledge". Unfortunately, It definitely takes years of experience to
realize this. I'm happy we are on the right road going forward and I'm happy we get to share what we know with others.






By stephanie_maxy436 () on September 16, 2013. [Reply]

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