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Cannot use tumblr as a blog to connect with CMC11

By RandyO () on , September 21, 2013.

Hi, I found out tumblr is not functional as a blogging service in connecting to our CMC11 MOOC. I had chosen tumblr because it is so simple to use, and I had a less than wonderful experience trying to use wordpress in the previous term at ESC. However, I found that using blogger (via Google) is just about as simple and intuitive as tumblr; thus, a happy ending, or actually, a happy beginning:)

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Re: Cannot use tumblr as a blog to connect with CMC11
As an experiment, I gave Tumblr a try for Multiliteracy and noticed the same, although it worked for aggregation on Etmooc and CLmooc. Since I already have too many blogs and am trying to cut back, not expand, I won't be starting another just for any single course. Instead, posts on existing blog as they (post and blogs) fit CMC 11. Due to other blogging and social media commitments, posts will be erratic and won't always be on the same blog either.

A Tumblr-to-Twitter tip for blogging CMC 11: set your Tumblr blog to automatically post to Twitter, include #CMC11 in the subject line of relevant posts. Tag it too - along with other relevant tags. The link aggregates your posts on a single link that can be posted here, to the Facebook group and/or tweeted.

My alternate plan, then, will be to post links on the Fb group and, character count permitting, tag tweets, alshough many of the latter post from feeds w/o tags.  Also, CMC11 specific blogging time would be just as well if not better spent commenting on blogs and discussion posts.

Rebecca Hogue has good posts on Going East about aligning course and personal goals. Of course, taking an open online course for credit is a major, even determining, factor. Even so, you still need to think about where and how course work fits into your personal learning goals. Even less flexible formats than this one can still be shaped to those.

Neither link below is the one I was thinking of but both are still relevant. I'm still searching, but the short version of Rebecca's excellent advice is to align what you do in a mooc to your learning goals and purposes instead of the other way around.

By VanessaVaile () on September 27, 2013. [Reply]

Re: Cannot use tumblr as a blog to connect with CMC11
Thanks for the come-back on this; I appreciate the info and will look into your suggested options.
By RandyO () on October 3, 2013. [Reply]

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