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See Difficulties as Opportunities
Right, or as an old friend of mine used to say, "they're not problems, they're situations in need of solutions." It's a much more positive and optimistic way to approach something which needs looking
By RandyO () on December 3, 2013. [Reply]

Thanks for posting the two video links. For me to start something from scratch and be 'creative' is nearly impossible. I was watching another video interview with a 'professional' creative person: Dr. Theresa Amabile ( and she, among other things, described how John Irving (one of my favorite authors) came up with ....
By RandyO () on November 18, 2013. [Reply]
Immersive activity week 8
I also was aware of some of these biases, but who knew there were so many. In myself I see that I can have a bias blind spot, be choice supportive and illusion of control. I am sure I'm not the only person I know like this. But definitely an interesting
By Cnorgbey () on November 7, 2013. [Reply]
Come in with a Positive Mindset #CMC11
Thank you for bringing this to the forefront...we all need a reminder once in a
By Bonnie () on October 10, 2013. [Reply]
Cannot use tumblr as a blog to connect with CMC11
Hi, I found out tumblr is not functional as a blogging service in connecting to our CMC11 MOOC. I had chosen tumblr because it is so simple to use, and I had a less than wonderful experience trying to use wordpress in the previous term at ESC. However, I found that using blogger (via Google) is just about as simple and intuitive as tumblr; thus, a happy ending, or actually, a happy beginning:)
By RandyO () on September 21, 2013. [Reply]
As for me, my head was spinning in regards to what assignments do I do for this class. I felt like everything was all over the place. I then was advised by you and others, to take it one step at a time, which is what I have been focused on. I learned a little about this website, how to post a blog, and now I'm working on learning how does Twitter work. I have created a login name, ....
By stephanie_maxy436 () on September 16, 2013. [Reply]
Why is creativity important?
Smaxy is a step ahead of most people, even those who have been in the work force for twenty, thirty, or more years. Knowing that learning stimulates creativity and visa-versa adds interest to a lifetime of learning. When I was in school thirty years ago I wish I would have realized that academics is more than simply trying to retain specific knowledge. When I returned to school four years ago ....
By Bonnie () on September 11, 2013. [Reply]
Creative Problem Solving Presentation
Hi Colleen, Liked the presentation and the idea of problem solving in an open environment. One of the online courses we were building last year had collaborative problem solving as part of the lessons but the instructors and the apprenticeship certification board wouldn't allow the use of that course component because it was "cheating" to do diagnostics in groups. Something about the ....
By scottHJ () on August 31, 2013. [Reply]
On Playing
I think you make some very good points and that things that we like to do need to be incorporated in the course or classroom experience. It is strange that individuals  choose the course topic in university and then not wish to attend but, for the most part I think that is the reality of the current situation. I believe and as you expressed that it is how something is presented that ....
By yldorfman () on June 7, 2013. [Reply]
Power of the Imaginative Mind
I agree with Sir Ken Robinson that creativity can be stifled in a child or an adult by criticizing baby steps in that direction or by more overtly forbidding it. I think, however, that the problem is broader than the educational system. I think that most Western Cultures reward linear thinking/performance and either criticize or look indulgently (at best) on more free form non-linear ....
By coharrison11 () on June 2, 2013. [Reply]
The case for "Vulnerability!"
Her message is invaluable. She analyzed an emotion generally considered taboo in discussion. Thank you for sharing this motivational video. #
By Bonnie () on May 19, 2013. [Reply]
The case for "Vulnerability!"
Her message is invaluable. She analyzed an emotion generally considered taboo in discussion. Thank you for sharing this motivational video.
By Bonnie () on May 19, 2013. [Reply]
Liu Bolin ...
please post your thoughts, music, sounds, pictures, voice recordings ... whatever you wish as a contribution to the creative community of connection and exchange ...
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on May 16, 2013. [Reply]
Final Reflection Turned Life Mission
The full posting does not appear and am not sure why ? And yet, when I went to send this message ... Lo and behold, the entire posting appeared. And I read it .... Congratulations! Learning, as you have discovered, is a lifelong process .. . Bravo, .. Wishing you continued success and many great adventures with pleasant surprises :)
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on May 13, 2013. [Reply]
Final Reflection Turned Life Mission
The full posting does not appear and am not sure why ?
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on May 13, 2013. [Reply]
Discussion reminder ...
Greetings ... the discussion section is another means of connecting with others and building on the learning.Yesterday I spent some time connecting with the Ontario Science Museum and the ISS for a real time, live concert.  What an amazing experience.  Never would have imagined, not even a few years ago, that connections could be this advanced in my lifetime.  When you think about ....
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on May 7, 2013. [Reply]
International Communication?
Hey guys, I'm a student from New York following along with this MOOC while living in China. I wasn't sure if there are any other participants that are living outside of the USA... if so, please leave a message! I'm sure we can add a new dimension to this topic of Multicultural Communication!
By mikexile () on March 27, 2013. [Reply]
On Cognitive Biases
Ah yes, the safety net. Very well put. I have been hanging onto one since I entered this course. Funny when I really wanted to participate in educating myself without one. It IS a struggle, I can certainly attest. I feel though, slowly, I am unfurling my grasp, digit by digit, on this net of mine. I'm just to curious to stand on the sidelines...
By steffie78 () on March 22, 2013. [Reply]
This is more of a suggested resource than a discussion though discussing the content of the article would be great. The March 2013 Scientific American has an article called: "Evolution of Creativity the rise of the innovative mind" that covers a number of topics related to idea formation in the self and in society. Good synthesis of research from a number of sources--worth
By scottHJ () on March 9, 2013. [Reply]
Digging Diigo ...
Using Diggo to comment on bookmarked articles could model how to start and engage a discussion with this social comment bookmarking feature. The next (not imo 'instead of') step would be to connect that discussion to others. For example, by adding to an existing discussion thread, posting a notice/invitation (+ link) to a CMC11 group about the discussion ~ or both. The comment ....
By VanessaVaile () on March 6, 2013. [Reply]
Personal learning enviroments
Those are really wonderful contemplations.I've personally been really unhappy with public school (we're in NY) in recent years. The new Core Curriculum Standards coupled with consistently reduced resources for schools has resulted in some really nasty realities for kids. For example, my son is in K and the new standards require him to spell 100 words, name 6 different vertices, and ....
By wildmntnhoney (Jess) on March 4, 2013. [Reply]
This isn't summer camp
If the majority of online content creation is done by people likely unfamiliar with any learning theory (as happens where I work) then the working formula is bound to be: more flash = deeper learning. It would be very nice if this turned out to be true for those who support media as key to the learner's brain but really it doesn't have to be true as long as people believe it (and ....
By scottHJ () on March 3, 2013. [Reply]
Diigo: bookmarking & much more
There are so many ways to harvest, save, share, archive, organize links,etc ~ aka bookmarking. I've been using Diigo increasingly with MOOCs, although not exclusively. In particular, I particularly appreciate the feature for highlighting and annotating actual pages. I have even used it for entire books at the Gutenberg Project. Using comment feature as forum to discuss shared works is ....
By VanessaVaile () on March 2, 2013. [Reply]
Hashtags in a Learning Environment
It would be great to learn how you feel now that we have had a Tweet Chat.  Did you use the TweetChat app?  Did you try HootSuite, or any other tweet filters?  Has your thiking about the use of twitter changed?  Why or why not?What benefits, specifically, can be found by using twitter?  and with whom? and with what sorts of communication?Yes, more questions than answers ......
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on February 26, 2013. [Reply]
and here is a great explanation of ways to keep track of the tweets and send your own ... Thanks to Way Up North, Jim Stauffer ... woo hoo!! am going to start with the simplest one ... Tweetchat ... and see how it goesReminder: the hash tag is #
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on February 23, 2013. [Reply]
Connecting Through Communication to Create
Feel free to use CMC11 as your stage ... you can try any number of platforms, including a Google + Hangout.  There are many others and here are a very few to suss out: Voicethread (used in this MOOC to introduce the facilitators), Authorstream, your own computer video/movie maker, Wordle, Animoto,Flikr, Prezi ... and the list goes on ... pick a few; try them out; share the results with
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on February 17, 2013. [Reply]
Utopian Justice
This was great post. I love the title Utopian Justice. The doing of justice and the teaching on justice goes hand and hand. For justice to be a reality, there must be a space of learning between those who want to engage in the process. If we refuse to learn about justice it is virtually impossible to adaquatley pursue justice because it will be unrecognizable. I like how liberation theologian ....
By rgrove319 () on February 13, 2013. [Reply]
RSS Feed URL samples
Hi everyone,To get your RSS feed working on this MOOC, your RSS Feed URL should be something like these, wishes,
By retsam (RetSam Zhang) on February 7, 2013. [Reply]
Tutorials and Advice for Participants
Greetings,As I have mentioned earlier, I am a participant (mostly lurker by now) in another cMOOC  (etmooc) and am gathering tips and spreading them around as best I can. I am also expanding my PLN as well as sharing and building on other participants learning.  It can be quite overwhelming and also quite rewarding.  Both are often food for creative approaches to new thinking!....
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on February 2, 2013. [Reply]
Metaliteracy, Transliteracy, Transliteration, Transcription, Translation... What the Hell Are We Talkin' About?
Thanks ~ I remember going through all this on the first round of cmc11... getting it sort or sorted out but then forgetting all over again, which probably says as much about me as it does for inherently unsticky nature of the terms. I show up regularly for Vance Steven's Multiliteracies and still have to remind and re-clarify annually. On the other hand, I can remember Information Literacy ....
By VanessaVaile () on January 25, 2013. [Reply]
Ante Up
"messes about with my time management aspirations"... same here, an understatement even. I'd go for shoots them down in flames. Crash and burn. And thanks for the links...even what remains of my own TM is shrieking at me to ignore them...
By VanessaVaile () on January 24, 2013. [Reply]
MOOC tips
Every new mooc (and there are more daily) brings in a new wave of first timers. Many first time mooc/ers are also first timers with other social media. Even "experienced" mooc/ers need all the help "navigating chaos" that they can get. There are blog posts, videos, guides ~ standbys and newer editions ~ posted with each new mooc (not so much with xmoocs, but that's a whole 'nother ....
By VanessaVaile () on January 23, 2013. [Reply]
MOOC tips
Every new mooc (and there are more daily) brings in a new wave of first timers. Many first time mooc/ers are also first timers with other social media. Even "experienced" mooc/ers need all the help "navigating chaos" that they can get. There are blog posts, videos, guides ~ standbys and newer editions ~ posted with each new mooc (not so much with xmoocs, but that's a whole 'nother ....
By VanessaVaile () on January 23, 2013. [Reply]
To nascar60
The grain sampling and brain development are separate! I dug around on the website a little bit and found that the link is bringing us to an incorrect page.When you click on the link, look at the menu to the left; click on "Kids and Family". Then scroll down and click the button "2" to get to the second page. Three links down is "Bright Beginnings#4: Brain Development in Young Children".:)
By wildmntnhoney (Jess) on January 23, 2013. [Reply]
Some questions from a new student
Hello everyone! I've been focusing more on getting comfortable with my own end of things (creating my blog, posting my RSS feed, reading through some of the Weeks 1 and 2 materials) and now I would like to jump in and start reading.My first question is: What is the difference between a discussion and a blog, content-wise?Second: I don't see my blog listed in the class blog posts; did I ....
By wildmntnhoney (Jess) on January 23, 2013. [Reply]
My Blog URL
Here is my blog URL: Tracy
By educatingtap () on December 23, 2012. [Reply]
My Sincere Apology
When I began this course I started a Twitter account as was recommended. I quickly began receiving 150-200 spam emails daily, my email account locked up, and I was upset. I totally blamed Twitter. Last week I have a friend who started experiencing the same thing I went through, but they do not have Twitter. So, I went back on Twitter and have been hooked every since. I am loving it. I have ....
By educatingtap () on December 19, 2012. [Reply]
Robots helping autistic children learning...
A colleague suggests that a great part of the appeal for children is that robots do not exhibit "judgmental cues that scare (them) away."
By wayupnorth (Jim Stauffer) on November 30, 2012. [Reply]
Digital Storytelling: Let the Wild Rumpus Start
I................LOVE THIS. and did not know it existed. I'm sure a lot of people grew up loving this book but I'm beyond in love with it. I love the book and I loved Spike Jonze interpretation of the book through the movie, which I watch way too often. Thanks for sharing this event and with such detail... Sounds like an amazing event... hmm next years Halloween
By xrichele (richele young) on November 29, 2012. [Reply]
Multicultural Experiences Enhances Creativity Orientation
I agree that living in a foreign country would make you more creatitive. I also feel that working with people from other countries can also make you creative without actually living in that country. I have worked with several people from other countries and have learned many things about their culture. Some people may not be able to go and live in another country but by working will other people ....
By nascar60 () on November 21, 2012. [Reply]
Creative development ...
I don't want you to feel lonely Carol.   I think that Open Educational Resources that allow for individualized self-directed learning should be encouraged for everyone and for the most part need not be attached to old higher education structures.   But, there is a big role for the use of OER's and other tools to enable students to fill in gaps in prior independent ....
By Joyce McKnight () on November 9, 2012. [Reply]
Stay a ?
I just watched the video on the difference between being knowledgeable and knowledge-able. Before even watching it I considered myself knowledge-able even though I didn't even know the definition yet. I didn't consider myself knowledgeable right away because I don't really think about that word when I think of describing myself, even though I do know a lot of things about... ....
By xrichele (richele young) on November 6, 2012. [Reply]
Confused, Lost, and Discouraged!!!!!
This course has gotten the best of me. I feel completely confused, lost, and discouraged. I keep telling myself it will be fine, but it is not. I read the weekly readings and view the videos, but it ends there. I haven't a clue as what to communicate about or how. I feel like I am learning, but there is no place to show it. And when I do blog, it doesn't feel sufficient. I feel ....
By educatingtap () on November 4, 2012. [Reply]
Digital Storytelling: Making Brioche
This is very well written, love it. I love when people compare two very different things and show how they are similar. I love yoga, but to me baking is very boring and tedious. I love the end results though, so sometimes I force myself to bake. Cooking on the other hand... we do not get along at all. I like baking because everything is precise measurements. You can't really get something ....
By wolfinthenight () on October 24, 2012. [Reply]
Start Your Own College ...
and here is an interesting article that Vanessa Vaile posted in the Facebook group. what thoughts y'all might have in doing this?  Why start one?  How to start one?  Defining the "problem" ... and then, there are all those creative problem solving processes that ....
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on October 24, 2012. [Reply]
Great book - Tinkertoys by Michael Michalko How to get ideas by dividing a challenge into two or more components and then reassembling them in new and different ways:  THINKS BUBBLES....................... Think Bubbles is a graphic technique for organizing your thoughts. It creates an actual, physical picture of the way your mind blueprints a challenge. Think Bubbles allows you to record,....
By aterry (adrienne) on October 24, 2012. [Reply]
There are three factors of Innnvoation.1) Knowledge - Fuel to your imagination, the more you know about a particular topic, the more raw materials you have to work with.2) Imagination - your imagination has the ability to create something new.There are specific skills and approaches you can hone to unleash your imagination.3) Attitude - your attitude is the spark that jump starts your ....
By aterry (adrienne) on October 14, 2012. [Reply]
"The Principal of Change"...
Hi All,I'm a lurker in this course and have been reading all your blog posts. I thoroughly enjoyed this post on "The Principal of Change," especially The Cup Song. The added bonus was David Letterman pointing out Anna Kendrick's self-deprecating comments. And yes, it was an intervention, Anna! Too many women feel the need to do this.Barbara Wheat 
By BWheat () on October 10, 2012. [Reply]
Enemies of Creativity
Guess sometime just doing it works out though the slogan suggests a level of mindlessness in practice that would hardly pay off in anything useful. Applied to the purchase of expensive shoes we might want a more complete theory of action that runs like "just pay for the shoes first and THEN do it to your foolish heart's content." Great article on the enemy of creativity. I'm not sure ....
By scottHJ () on October 6, 2012. [Reply]
Google + Hangout ?
Who knows what this might be, and who has a G + account? I will start one and will invite those who can join in. You just need to have a computer with audio, and video capability. Who's
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on October 1, 2012. [Reply]